How do you unlock a mobile phone

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What is mobile phone unlocking

By mobile phone unlocking we mean that we are removing the restrictions a Network provider puts on the mobile when you buy.  If you do not remove the unlocking restrictions then you are forced to use that particular network which was provided when you brought the phone. For example you brought a locked mobile phone from Orange and this can only be used with an Orange Sim and you cannot remove this restriction unless you Unlock your mobile phone.


How can you unlock your mobile phone

We have a facility of providing you with a “remote unlocking or code unlocking” service from the original manufacturer.  Anybody can use this code and unlock their mobile phones and any other service provider of their choice. Now the question comes in one’s mind as to why we find mobile phones locked. This is only because that mobile companies want their customers to use only a particular network. These network provider makes huge profit specially on account of “roaming” charges.

Now the question comes to your mind- “How to unlock

  • Get the mobile phone IMEI code, Handset model, Network and Country details.
  • Get the  unlock code in e-mail for the specific model.
  • Unlock the phone as per instruction provided.
  • Use our phone.

How to get the IMEI CODE :  IMEI code is a15 digit number specific for that handset which is based on the model, country and network. You can also get the code by typing #06# then press the call button.

For details about how to get your IMEI number visit this link

Benefits of unlocking your mobile phone

There are many benefits of unlocking your mobile phone

  1. You can switch your mobile service provider and you have liberty to choose your talk plan.
  2. If you are planning to sell your mobile for a better and newer one – you would get good price.
  3. Considerable saving in your Roaming charges or zero roaming fees.
  4. After unlocking you can use your mobile to its full potential like using additional hardware features for example dual Sim Adaptor and so on.

Visit the site to unlock your mobile phone


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