How to maximize your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is one of most effective ways to introduce yourself to your potential customers and establish your authority on a particular subject. This method is very effective as long as you treat your customer with respect. It is also important to treat your customers as per their need and give them solutions to their problems.

Permission Based email marketing

This is a very important point to be considered as permission based email marketing always gives far better result then unsolicited mail. Studies shows that good email marketing helps a company to maintain and retain it’s customer base and at the same time increase its customer base. Home based business or larges business house does email marketing to

  • Develop relationship
  • Maintain relationship
  • Increase website traffic &
  • Build brand loyalty

The main importance of permission based email marketing is that your potential customer’s have double opted instead of single opt. Your future customers have agreed to receive  your emails as and when you send them.

Email Marketing Campaigns

You may have a very good email marketing message but without the right audience these message is useless. Some points to be considered while building your marketing campaigns.

  1. Always give your customer something of value – an useful e-book, updates about your product or services etc.
  2. While gathering customer’s information gather data only those are important to you.
  3. Your mail should always give your customer to unsubscribe. Unsolicited email or spam can be damaging to your reputation.
  4. Manage your list is such a way that you can always respond to your customers in shortest possible time if they need further information.
  5. Keep your email list current – review for bounce email.
  6. Have a clear and concise privacy policy that details as to how you treat y our customers’ personal contact information. This is a must in every email you send.
  7. Look at your competitors email and subscribe to some of them. Go through them and see how they are approaching their customers.
  8. Personalize each message and see how your customer’s respond.
  9. While sending your messages use HTML and Rich text media to incorporate audio, video and images to have high retention value.
  10. Use bullet point so that you can carry your messages easily.

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