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I guess most of you conversant with Bitcoin. For the uninitiated, Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, which can can be used to buy goods & services, just like a regular currency (Dollar, Yen etc). It can also be exchanged for Dollars & transferred into your bank account, if that’s what you want.

Several major Fortune 500 Companies (Such as DELL) & other online Giants (Such as, etc) have already started accepting Bitcoin & this currency revolution is still in infancy.

So How To get Bitcoin:

There are basically 2 ways:

1. Mine Bitcoins.

This method involves using Special hardware (called ASIC’s) to Mine bitcoins. The cost here can easily run into Several Thousand Dollars & hence, is not the focus of this post.

2. Get Bitcoins For FREE:

There are several online Bitcoin Faucets & related sites, wherein you can get a FEW Satoshi by filling out a captcha form. Just so that we are on the same page, 100 Million Satoshi is Equal to 1 Bitcoin, so:

100,000000 Satoshi = 1 BTC

As one can guess, the payout on these sites is very small. Infact, one of the highest Free Bitcoin payout site is & they give you something like 300 Satoshi Per Hour!!!

So Now I’m going to tell you as to how you can make 300,000 Satoshi Per Hour FOR FREE!


CAPTcoin is another alternate cryptocurrency which can be exchanged for Bitcoin. So our strategy would involve getting CAPTcoin & then exchanging that for BTC. There are NO expenses involved & the entire system is available for FREE.

So How To Get CAPTcoin?

CAPTcoin cannot be Mined (Unlike Bitcoin) & there is only 1 way to get CAPTcoin. That is by filling captcha’s on their site. The entire process is described below:

STEP 1. Getting CAPTcoin Wallet:

The first thing to do is to get a CAPTcoin wallet & you can download one for free, at the following address:

After visiting Click the “GET THE WALLET


Get your wallet as per your Operating system


After you click “GET THE WALLET” you would get a screen like this. Depending on your operating system download the required wallet. (Wallets are available for Both Windows & MAC) & then simply let it run in the background to completely sync with the network. This will happen in the background & you can continue with STEP 2 below.

STEP 2. Get Your CAPTcoin Address:

Simply click on “Receive Coins”. Now copy your CAPTcoin address by Right Clicking & selecting “Copy Address”, as shown below:


Just click “receive coins” and then copy the address.

STEP 3: Now Go To Following URL & simply paste your Address into the form & click “Continue”:

This is Shown Below:


Paste your link which you have received in the box


For anyone wondering, yes it is my referral link. However, by using this, you’ll get An Additional 5% CAPTcoins EVERYTIME you enter a correct Captcha. So if you go directly to the site, then you’ll get 500 CAPTcoins for every 1000 right answers, but by using above link, you’ll get 525 CAPTcoins

STEP 3: Now on next page, you need to fill out 3 Captcha & then click on “Claim My Reward”, as highlighted below:

STEP 4: Now here’s a cool trick using which you can easily fill all 3 in 20 seconds. This is really crucial since we want to move with speed in order to maximize the number of CAPTcoins (& hence BTC) earned. This is the meat of this system & hence, don’t skip this.

If you look at captcha 1, then you can see that it takes enormous effort to read those words & hence, it might take 20 seconds just to fill that out. So you are NOT going to fill the words & instead, click on the second Audio button, as shown below:

It would be best to use headphones, but you can also use speakers. Now you’ll hear a voice which will say something like “Please Type Every Number You Hear, Spaces Are Not Required” & then, it will give you a sequence of 5 numbers, which you’re required to fill. It usually says them very slowly & you would have no problem remembering them while you’re filling other Captchas.

What I do is that I start filling Captcha 3 First, then Captcha 2 & finally Captcha 1. In the above screenshot, the output would be:

Captcha 3: 11LBe (You can also input using space, so 11 LBe is also fine)
Captcha 2: Simply Drag the Lock in the second row on the CAPTcoin symbol.
Captcha 1: Simply input 5 numbers that you hear.

Main points:

1. It will be very easy to locate & drag in Captcha 2, since the same images keep coming over & over again. So you’ll get used to locating them quickly within 15 minutes.

2. Make sure you also set Donation to Bounty Fund & Developer fund to 0%. This only has to be done once & it remains at 0% for the entire time.

3. Do Captcha 3 first, while the sound is saying:

Please Type Every Number You Hear, Spaces Are Not Required

This is because you know that nothing important is being said thus far. Most Math problems are very easy & can be done mentally without opening native windows calculator application. If you have to, then remember that Google Search Engine is also a calculator by default & use that instead to save time.

The most difficult problem I ever got was 13*9 (I did that mentally & actually got it right)

I usually input all 3 within 15 to 17 seconds & timer at the bottom of the page forces you to wait atleast 20 seconds after loading of page. So I basically have to wait for a few seconds doing nothing (after filling all 3 Captchas)

STEP 5: Exchange your CAPTcoins for BTC

This will be done at an exchange like the following:

Simply register & then you can exchange at the current market rate. Everything is self explanatory here & In case you don’t understand something, simply respond to this thread & I’ll help you in no time.


Let’s do some math:

You’ll earn 0.525 CAPTcoins in 20 Seconds, so total earnings in one hour are:

0.525*60*60/20= 94.5 CAPTcoins.

Now 1 CAPTcoin is currently at about 3000 Satoshi, so Total Satoshi Earned in 1 Hour = 94.5*3000 = 283500.

Remember, price of CAPTcoin fluctuates daily & just yesterday it had a High of 7500 Satoshi Per CAPTcoin!

So with that rate, Total Satoshi Earned in 1 Hour = 94.5*7500 = 708750 !

So 300K Satoshi Per Hour is very much possible & you can invest as much or as little time towards this. Again, this will only work for next 9 Days, since the payout rate will half (to 0.2625 CAPTcoins) after that. So then you’ll do about 150K Satoshi per hour, still far more than any BTC Faucet out there.

So Move Right Away, Here’s The Link Again:

Feel Free To Ask Any Questions  & I would help you as much as possible. You can also contact me through the contact us form.

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