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Increase productivity through meditation

Article highlight how can you increase your productivity with the help of meditation.

Mediation can increase your productivity considerably.  One of the ways is to keep yourself divice free and mediate. This can lead to increase in your productivity and you can organise yourself in a much better way.

It’s hardly a secret that mindfulness is big business and big with business. Investors have committed a reported $150 million-plus to apps meant to increase awareness and calm, and a number of major companies have embraced mindfulness training and practices in the workplace.

A paper published recently in The New England Journal of Entrepreneurship advances the theory that mindfulness – non-judgmental present-moment awareness brought about by meditation, a focus on breathing, or other approaches – boosts various factors that contribute to “entrepreneurial opportunity recognition.”

As an example of entrepreneurial opportunity recognition, paper co-author Louise Kelly, professor of management and leadership at the University of La Verne in California, points to the experience of Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz.

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