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Peer- to- Peer lending which is commonly abbreviated as P2P lending is a simple form of lending money to any individual or business through an online platform. As the total process is online hence the overhead cost is much less compared to the financial institution which lends out money. In this system of lending money the lenders get higher rate of return on their money and at the same time borrowers get the money at a lesser rate of interest. In most cases P2P company takes a fee for providing the match making service.

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Loan Listing

It is very simple to create your loan listing. You just have to fill some personal information. Based upon your information we would check your credit score (your current credit score will not be affected). Your personal information will be protected  and we would try to give you best possible rates.

  • Choose the amount you want to take as loan.
  • State the purpose of the loan.

Upon listing your loan it would be displayed to all the investors. Before receiving the loan your application will pass through a verification process.

Investors commitment to the loan amount

Once your listing is up on the system the investors will view it and make necessary investment. When you enter into the system you will see the progress of your listing. The listing period is for 14 days. Now within this 14 days if the listing does not get the minimum amount required then the listing ends. You can again enter the system and make a fresh listing. Submit all necessary documents needed for your loan.You can also enter the system and see the various verification stages your loan application is going through. The higher your verification stage the more attractive your loan is to the investors. Loans that reach verification stage 3 is more likely to get.

Once your loan amount is fully received a final identification check is made before depositing to your bank account.


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