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A new way to inspire employees is to by announcing lottery scheme. This is a new way to motivate employees is to remove the employee bonus scheme and replace it with a lottery scheme. This lottery schemewould be a random draw for cash prizes, automobiles and vacations.

Here is an piece from the original article:

It would all culminate in “a grand of prize of $100,000 awarded to one eligible employee per quarter,” according to reporter Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Business Journal, who obtained a copy of the internal memo by United president Scott Kirby, spelling out the changes, and adding:

The reaction among United’s rank and file employees was one of shock, Lazare reported, adding that “sources among United’s rank and file employees late today said Kirby’s memo has quickly ignited a firestorm within the employee ranks at the airline.”

The whole program is called “Core4 Score Rewards,” taken from the name for Kirby’s initiative to build United’s reputation as “the most caring airline in a highly-competitive industry.”

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This bonus scheme have raised a lot of hue and cry and it was crearly visible.

As reported originally by Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Business Journal, and as I wrote early Saturday, United rolled out a brand new employee bonus program Friday via an email from company president Scott Kirby, revealing that the company would replace its current bonus program with a lottery system.

To put it lightly, United pilots, flight attendants, and other employees are up in arms. A number of employees reached out to me directly, and to my colleague Chris Matyszczyk, who pointed out just how badly botched the rollout was.

There was around 500 comments on this announcement and there was both polite disagreement to anger.

These were posted on the internal United Airlines employee website, Flying Together. Of roughly 500 comments I was read, four were positive (and three of those were from the company’s vice president for human resources, responding to the negative comments).

The tone ranged from polite disagreement to apoplectic anger. To understand the context, it helps to know:

Under the old bonus program, employees could receive a maximum total of $125 per month–paid on a quarterly basis, so $1,500 per year maxium–if United met its goals on three key metrics.

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