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We as a pet parent are very careful about our pets. Just like human beings pet too fall ill and it can happen suddenly. In modern day family pets are like children and pet’s  falling sick causes lots of headache for the pet parent. Now many pet parents do not realize that pets can land the pet owners huge bills when they fall sick.

If you go through vet bill history you would find that bills have increased 10 fold as compared to last few years. Statistics also show that a younger dog’s are 2.5 times more prone to diseases than their older counterpart. In this context  Pet insurance comes into play.

Get your pet insurance

Guidelines to take a Pet Insurance Policy

If you are looking to cover your dog or cat or any other pet’s you would be asked to furnish the following questions before they give you the quote.

  • Purchase price of the pet.
  • Where it is kept.
  • Microchipped or tagged.
  • Pet is neutered or sprayed.
  • Vaccination history.

There is also a declaration which the pet owner would provide about the behavior. The Insurance authority would take into consideration all these factors while calculating the quote.

Policy Details

A pet policy has four categories namely -accident only, time-limited, maximum benefit or lifetime. There would also be information about the vet fees to be covered boarding fees death by accident or death by illness. In the first line of the application form you have to mention if you intend to insure pets other than cats and dogs.

Now many Insurance providers updates their customers about Vet. fees cover for old dogs, third party liability, co- insurance, foreign and holiday coverage and so on. You would also be updated about some common diseases which your pets may suffer and their symptoms.